I Ching divination

The I Ching is not magic; it is science that we don’t understand.

-- Terence McKenna

Legend tells that the I Ching began 14,000 years ago in ancient China.  Only 3,00o years ago did the I Ching begin to be written down.  This book of proverbs was used as a divination tool to assist one in finding their way safely through an ancient world rife with dangers and spirits.  This book of divination and direction has the longest life of continual use, second only to the Hebrew bible.  Today the I Ching is used all over the world to find advice and guidance about difficult obstacles, choices, or circumstances.  When one's world grows dark, frightening, and confusing the I Ching provides a ballast, a ray of insight, or a railing to steady oneself.  It provides awareness about one's current situation and advisement about how to proceed, and sometimes, what is coming.


Incarnation cross readings

“One of the most difficult things about the nature of Incarnation Crosses is to recognize that you cannot live out the purpose of your cross unless you are living your life as yourself.”

-- ra uru hu

Incarnation Cross is the combined function of the four most prominent gates in the Bodygraph chart: the personality sun & design sun and the personality earth & design earth.  The Incarnation Cross is the Framework of your purpose, your Life Theme, the flavor of your Aura, your life’s job description.  In an Incarnation Cross reading, we look specifically at the themes of the Cross and how they might manifest in low periods of life versus high points in life.  We can look at methods for tapping into the purpose of the Cross and allowing it to work through you.  Cross readings can be for individuals, families, or partnerships.


Human Design


Totemic Animal Archetypes   •    The I Ching   •   Human Design Charts   •   The Gene Keys

All the systems I read are about helping yourself regain orientation, move out of chaos, and find yourself and your path again.  These systems came into my life organically over the course of several years, and I began integrating them for my own use during periods of confusion and chaos.  These systems range from ancient time-tested divination tools such as animal totem medicine and the I Ching to modern interpretations such as the Human Design Energetic System and the Gene Keys. Human Design is a an excellent foundation block for noticing what needs to be heard and heeded in one's life or body.  Moments such as breakups, fear, and indecision are the ripe occasion to sit down with these four systems and listening to the meanings and messages being presented. 


An orientation session can consist of one or all of these tools.

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Energy Exchange

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