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Human  Design 

Foundation Reading

Human Design is a method of learning the language of our intuition so it may better guide us at every crossroad. This reading will provide a complete base education of one's Human Design chart.  Understanding your Human Design chart well is more important and helpful than fun soundbites. This reading puts that information at the forefront so one can utilize it in their own way and continue their education.   

$200  / 75 minute reading 


Incarnation cross readings

The Incarnation Cross is a niche category of the Human Design bodygraph that outlines one's life thematic.  This reading will approach the Human Design chart from the perspective of the archetypal purpose thematic of one's Cross.

$200  / 75 minute reading 

Image by Noah Buscher

Human Design Couples Reading

Human Design tells us how to feel into our best and truest intuition.  Once we can honor this intuition, we can make the best decisions in our relationships.  Even further, when we can identify how our partner senses their best intuition, we can help them honor their choices, while still respecting our own.  Couples readings can help a couple honor each others needs and differentness, and it can also help couples identify if their energetics pull them in different direction.  Whether strengthening the bond or honoring if the bond is changing, couples readings helps everyone respect everyone else's highest intuition. 

$200  / 75 minute reading 


I Ching divination

The I Ching is the oldest living form of divination.  This is a 3000 + year old method of tapping into an answer for difficult questions.  This reading is perfect for a reliable insight during chaos, confusion, or crossroads. 

30 Minute Reading    /   $50


Graphic Design / Illustration Consult

I offer branding, illustration, and art commissions.  If you have a project that you would be interested in my services with, please book a free consult.

15 Minute Consult    /   Free


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