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More events posted here as they approach.  

Press & Podcasts

The Soft Power Podcast

The Yin and Yang of Human Design

The Human Design Podcast

Your Purpose - Incarnation Crosses

Intuitive Human Design with Kathy Bonchonko

Self Discovery via Human Design, the Gene Keys, Yin Mysticism, and Much More

Lady Creator Podcast

Creator Conversation with Brynja Magnusson

The Saturn Return Podcast

Interview with Brynja Magnusson 2/5 Emotional Generator

Economics of Wellbeing​​

Discovering the 'gene key' to your life's purpose

Magic of the Spheres

Animal Totems and the I Ching

How Things Connect

From Confusion To Direction - Modalities For Self-Navigation

International Human Design Conference 2020 & 2021

High Desert Human Design Conference 2023


The Goddess Emporium, NSW Australia

Cosmic Lab in Ojai, CA

Unearthed Crystals in Australia

Jewelweed in Minnesota

Our Mothers Crystals online US

The Modern Druid in Nyack, NY

Agartha Books in Safety Harbor, FL

Emma Dunwoody's Mastermind Class

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