My name is Brynja Magnusson

Growing up between the lush forests of New York and the mossy lava fields of Iceland, I have been immersed in nature spirituality since childhood.  For over 10 years I have been studying tools such as the I Ching,  animal archetypes, and healing modalities that address untreatable or undiagnosable chronic pain and illness.  After several life-altering spiritual encounters in nature resulting in the recovery from chronic illness, the study of spirituality has been my sole focus and career through modalities such as Shamanism, Eastern Spirituality, manual therapies, rituals, initiations, and nature immersion.

My artwork is personal notes, it is the product of my reality.  It is an exchange with the creative energies that work with me.  Everything that I learn has to pass through me in some form of creativity.  Therefore, my current work is making my own studies into guides for others to learn as I am learning.


The products I make are the result of the physical, energetic, and esoteric sciences I study.  My goal is to bring forward ancient, forgotten, confusing or oppressed tools of awareness and healing through art and creativity.  By giving an artistic platform to obscured wisdom we can maintain and promote the lineages of all human beings.

If you need a creative fire, send me a spark, I'd love to hear from you.


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