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The Human Design Deck is a visual archetypal representation of the Human Design System.  The Human Design System created in 1987 by Ra Uru Hu maps the energetic blueprint of every human based on their birth time. The system is the integration of the I Ching, the Kabbalah, Chakra Systems, and Astrology.  

This deck is comprised of 124 cards, and visually covers seven categories, and includes a set of basic instructions to begin the detailed journey inwards that this system offers.

This deck is meant as a study tool to assist in learning this system through courses or self-study with human design texts.  The channels, types, authority, and profiles are given an image and short description in each card. 

Type (4)
Authority (8)
Profiles (12)
Channels (36)
Centers (9)
Circuits (7)
Incarnation Cross (48)

These cards and boxes are made from recycled paper materials, and therefore they do not have the same luxurious standards as products that come from virgin trees. The cards are a bit thinner than usual tarot cards and some printings have a slight curve on the cardstock.  It is also the reason why the price of this deck is so high (in addition to its size), it is the price to avoid the destruction of hardwood forests and rainforests that most books and card decks propagate.  By buying this deck you are supporting businesses that are paving the way towards a new approach to paper products.

Human Design Deck

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