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This deck provides a method for interacting with totems and the I Ching through the practice of card pulling.  This deck includes a total of 76 totem animals alongside an introductory booklet.   This deck of cards allows the reader to render their own personal style of intuition and divination through card pulling.

Each card includes 6 keywords to introduce the meaning of both polarities of the totem.  If you would also like the full explanations of each card, you can find the full explanation of the totems alongside the I Ching, Human Design gate, and the Gene Keys in the accompanying book Animal Totems and the I Ching.  

*If you would like the explanation book with the cards, you can purchase the book and card bundle from my store at a discounted price, this deck does not include the book*

Animal Totems and the I Ching Oracle Deck

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