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This book is an exploration of the I Ching alongside the language of indigenous animal totems.  The classic I Ching translation popularized in America by Wilhelm Baynes is compared alongside the Human Design Systems 64 gates and the Gene Keys 64 chapters hexagram by hexagram.  Each hexagram aligns with the animal totem medicine of an associated animal, providing deeper insights into animal totems or conversely helping to clarify the text-heavy systems of the I Ching with symbology.

This accompanying deck provides a method for interacting with totems and the I Ching through the practice of card pulling.  This deck includes a total of 76 totem animals alongside an introductory booklet.  ​

Each card includes 6 keywords to introduce the meaning of both polarities of the totem.  You can read the full explanation of the totems alongside the I Ching, Human Design gate, and the Gene Keys in the accompanying book Animal Totem medicine and the I Ching.

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Back cover:

Four Tools for Clarity

This book is an introduction to four tools of personal navigation.  The I Ching, an ancient guidance tool, is paired with the closest corresponding animal totem from indigenous cultures.  Accompanying the traditional I Ching translation are the perspectives of the Human Design System and the Gene Keys, two modern systems that incorporate the I Ching into the context of human energetics.

These divination tools render a language that bridges the subconscious and aids in finding clarity during difficulties or moments of confusion and chaos.  This book will deepen your knowledge of the I Ching through animal totems or vice versa.  Animal Totems and the I Ching is a Rosetta Stone of four different systems that can be used to expand the tool belt of anyone traversing the human experience.

Animal Totems and the I Ching Book and Deck Bundle

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