An  Illustrated

Human Design Deck

How It Started

This project began as my own personal study deck.  As I began memorizing the litany of concepts that encompass Human Design I needed a visual aide to remember and solidify those concepts.  Over time,  personal notes became a deck of cards, and cards became a booklet, and booklet became akin to a visual encyclopedia. These cards are a visual archetypal embodiment of a complex system downloaded in 1987 by Ra Uru Hu.  Human Design is an integration of the I Ching, astrology, the Kabbalah, and chakra systems.  The Human Design System maps the bioenergetic mechanics of human beings.


This system has multitudes of aspects and depths which begins a journey into deepening the relationship with inner sensations and messages by learning how your energy uniquely interacts with the world. I encourage all who wish to learn Human Design to explore the textbooks and programs that give comprehensive explanations of how this system works. 


Why Use a Deck?

Human Design can be intimidating, text-heavy, and filled with unfamiliar terminology that can deter some from undertaking the journey of delving into this unique awareness tool. This visual and kinesthetic study aid is a bridge, an extended hand to give the population of the world a visual and archetypal route into a body of knowledge used by healers, innovators, leaders, shamans, entrepreneurs, and artists. The universe asked me to make this book for you to find, and I am glad that you have.  

In This Deck

This updated deck includes 124 color-coded cards for







Incarnation Cross. 


Additionally, the booklet includes a brief listing and placement of the 64 gates.  


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Please note! The past version of this deck came in a pouch, had rounded corners, and had text directly over the image.  The new deck is in a box, has uncut corners, and has text on the card backs!